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  • I might do that in the future, yeah. However, I've recently entered a very busy scheme, especially seeing how University starts the 6th, so I'll have to prepare accordingly. If I have some more spare time to make graphics for others, I'll be sure to remind myself of this suggestion.

    Well, it's Bioware, and thus HUGELY story-driven. But I like the shooting aspects. You have to give credit where credit is due, it's pretty damn good despite it's flaws. A story-driven shooter RPG. It's the first of it's kind!

    *sigh* I like the Fable games... but their game system is SO flawed. Sephi was showing me the stuff she uses to mod Fable and... it's so poorly put together it's no wonder they couldn't do all the things they wanted! But whatever, I still enjoy playing them.

    I've played video games a LONG time so I know how they work for the most part.
    .....my mind is blown.

    This is the full thing:


    It's meant to resemble the deer on the artwork for The Mantle by Agalloch. See:

    Yea, J-rpgs tend to be very linear. Lots of Multiple ending but no real multiple story paths sadly.

    Also, Tactical rpg's are fun because of the difficulty involved with them.

    Oblivion is a hellish game for me... I'm OCD and would want 100 in everything... no thanks to that insane time investment...

    Still wanna play Fallout.
    Come on, I have a horribly sick mind and I don't see it. What's worse is that other people have said the same thing and it's frustrating how I seem to be the only one who can't see dicks.
    You should still try Jak anyway, made by the same people and you should enjoy it as well. Although I'm biased to Jak so =P. But anyway, I can understand if you didn't like 8. It was... different how they did their system, and all the effing tutorials SUCKED... Still, try it again and draw the crap out of every spell you can.

    FF9 was indeed the ****.

    Haven't played FFXIII, but I think people are judging it based on past FF's. Again, haven't played it yet.

    X... was bleh.

    For J-RPGs, try Growlanser Generation (for PS2). It's a tactical rpg, but realtime if that makes sense. It's VERY hard but has an incredible storyline and a romance aspect for you to choose who the MC ends up with. Play 2 before 3... PLEASE or else you'll ruin a surprise!

    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue isn't so bad either, a bit cheezy at times but still good.

    The Fire Emblem series, the Front Mission series, and the Disgaea series are all good Tactical j-rpgs.

    Tales of Symphonia is BETTER than Final Fantasy. I know I know, it's a crazy thing for me to say! Especially with how much I truly enjoy the FF games. But it's so very true.

    Also, try not to expect pure epicness from most of them. Tales and Growlanser are about the only things able to be so epic. Well, Lunar 2 gets pretty awesome toward the end too.

    Seriously, I'm the RPG GURU!
    Well, I can see why if it was the first of the FF's you've played, or your first RPG, or first real serious game (no offense I just am biased against most platformers... the amazingly awesome Jak and Daxter series the rare exception... btw check that out if you like Syro and Crash).

    But PLEASE tell me you love the others as well!

    On a side note, I have NOT beaten 1,2, or 3 (jap not american) or FFX... cuz I hate it... It's only good cuz FFX-2 came of it... which is awesome.
    Well, that's a tough one so I'll give you an order.

    FF9, FF8, FF4, FF6, FF X-2, FF7, FFXII

    I don't play FFXI, and I hate FFX... it's just... not good...

    9 is my fave because it supports my every FF takes place in the same world only generations apart, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Freya. I love 8 because it's a love story and I'm a sucker for romance. FF4 was my first and therefore hold a dear place in my heart. FF6 is just... awesome... X-2 is a lot better than many gave it credit for. FF7 is good, but seriously overhyped and WAY too mainstream to be considered the best. FFXII was good, but lacked in storyline sadly...
    It was good thanks, nice weather too (miracle i know). Just did the usual, drank beer, swimming, went to beach and generally chilled out visiting the towns and walking.
    Once the novelty of my PS3 wears off and my excitement dies down a bit, I will definitely look into some of his other movies and that T.V. show.

    Really? Well, hold on. There's a link to a video somewhere and PM basically breaks it down for us. Some of his information seems to be incorrect but that's just what I was told. Hard to get any reliable info on a game when we've still got about two months until the release.
    I hate to say it but I didn't even know who Simon Pegg was until Shaun of the Dead but I was instantly a fan. Sadly, the only movies I've seen him in are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (and only his voice was in that one).

    Yeah, I can definitely say it's looking better and better. I'm still a bit unsure about the Road to Rule feature but I figure it can't be THAT bad or they wouldn't bother with it.
    Nah man, don't worry about it. I get **** from everyone so I've grown used to it. By the way, great avatar.

    Can't wait to see what role he plays in Fable III.
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