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  • I have a feeling that this isn't your real birthday, but merely a "coincidence". :lol:

    Oh, and I'm not sure if you knew this or not, so far it doesn't look like it, but you have to hit view conversation and then post. ;) Looks like you haven't been doing that. :p
    I'm +repping you, purely because I'm stoned right now, I'm listening to some Pendulum, my mate's loading up a shottie next to me and you have a weed leaf as your avatar.
    Legalize it.
    Which is hopefully when the moderaters will step in, leading to him being banned, or realising that he's being a douche.
    Hey I wanted to respond to what you wrote here, but it didn't seem appropriate in the thread.

    I disagree. I think that if we prod (I mean respond to his negative comments) Pirate enough, or any troller for that matter, one of two things will happen. Either he will realise what a douche he was, and grow up (hopefully). Or he'll become agitated enough and lash out enough for some serious consequences to be brought down upon him. Either way, he stops trolling these forums.
    Happy Birthday!!!!

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