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  • Yeah, SaintoAlbion did get me the code,it took a month but it was alotbetter then not getting it at all
    well you see. killing threads are easy. they are on thier deathbed. no one has been on them in months. they are all mercy killings
    Still, I don't hate him. And everything is fine. It's only temporary. After I'm 18 I'll move out. I just got 3 years to go. Well less than 3... And I really don't care If I don't make too much money, I care more if I'm happy in life rather than being well off...
    My dad doesnt give a **** about it being unsuccessful he just hates art in general, or thats how he presents it to me. He thinks I should spend more time on my religion, and that the time I spend on music is better spent elsewhere.
    He's alive through his music.
    And unfortunately my dad isn't very supportive of me as a musician so I got a crappy guitar, and when I went out to buy a new awesome guitar with my money, he broke it...
    He inspired me into music. One of the greatest musicians out there. He's also pretty crazy which I love.
    Blastoise used Hydro Pump!
    Foe Charizard fainted.

    Don't bring Venasaur into this. That pokemon suuuuucks.

    USE IT.
    hey dude, I hope this dosent sound like a dumb question or anything but do you know where I need to go to type in my signature for my account on this site...
    Im asking you because you have one and seem to be new to this fourm too. lol
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